Appointed selection committees for ongoing recruitments

This page includes the selection committees that have been appointed for the ongoing selection procedures. The selection committee’s work and deliberations are confidential and it is forbidden for candidates to make direct or indirect contact with the selection committee with regards to the selection procedure, or for anyone to do so on their behalf. Candidates may only use the official procedures to make their views known to the selection committee or to avail themselves of their rights. These should be sent in writing to, quoting the reference of the selection procedure and address the request to the chairperson of the selection committee.

Office Assistant

Contract Agent (FG II) 

  • Pernille Sokoni (Chairperson)
  • Jin Devreker
  • Sebastian Deka (representing the staff committee)  

Scientific Engagement Officer

Contract Agent (FG IV)

  • Helena de Carvalho Gomes (Chairperson)
  • Howard Needham
  • Jessica Mannheim
  • Ingela Rumenius (representing the staff committee)

Expert Infectious Diseases Epidemiology

Temporary Agent (AD 5) 

  • Jan Semenza (Chairperson)
  • Dominique Monnet
  • Antje Daume
  • Barbora Kinross (representing the staff committee) 

Financial Assistant

Contract Agent (FG III) 

  • Anja Van Brabant (Chairperson)
  • Stefan Manescu
  • Jin Devreker
  • Cristian Avram (representing the staff committee) 

Head of Section Business Solutions

Temporary Agent (AD 8) 

  • Francois Mestre (Chairperson)
  • Stanislav Danchev
  • Jessica Mannheim
  • Ines Steffens (representing the staff committee) 

    Communication Officer

    Ref.: ECDC/FGIV/2019/PHC-CO Contract Agent (FG IV) 

    • Karl Ekdahl (Chairperson)
    • Andrea Horvat-Kramaric
    • Antje Daume
    • Brigita Molnarova (representing the staff committee) 

    Human Resources Officer

    Ref.: ECDC/AST/2019/RMC-HRO
    Temporary Agent (AST 4) 

    • Jessica Mannheim (Chairperson)
    • Antje Daume
    • Julien Beaute
    • Aiga Berke (representing the staff committee) 
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