ECDC recruitment process

ECDC conducts a structured recruitment process that aims at selecting candidates that best match the requirements of the vacant post. 

1. Selection committee

A selection committee is appointed for each recruitment procedure. The main task of the selection committee is to assess the applicants in order to determine their suitability for the vacant post according to the criteria outlined in the published vacancy notice.

The selection committee is involved in the following steps of recruitment proceedings:

  • The preparation of the interview and written test questions.
  • Screening the applications.
  • Conducting the interviews and evaluating the written tests.
  • The recommendation of a short list/reserve list.

Applicants are reminded that the work of the selection committee is confidential. It is forbidden for applicants to make direct or indirect contact with members of these committees or for anybody to do so on their behalf.

Appointed selection committees for ongoing recruitments

Candidates may only use the official procedures to make their views known to the selection committee or to avail themselves of their rights. These should be sent in writing to, quoting the reference of the selection procedure and address the request to the chairperson of the selection committee.

For ongoing recruitment procedures and to find the name of the chairperson, please see the appointed selection committees.

2. Vacancy notice

The content of the vacancy notice is crucial since it defines the requirements for the post and serves as the basis for the evaluations during the interviews and written test.

The vacancy notice consists of:

  • Formal requirements: a set of eligibility criteria which applicants need to fulfill in order to qualify for a specific selection procedure. 
  • Selection criteria: The vacancy notice specifies the experience, knowledge and competences that are essential to the vacant post. These selection criteria shall form the basis for the screening process and the selection cannot be based on any criteria other than those listed in the vacancy notice. 

All open and closed vacancies are posted on the ECDC website as well as other official EU-channels.

3. Interview questions and written test

Following the publication of the vacancy notice the selection committee shall agree  on the questions that shall be used during the interview and written test, as well as the weighting for each of the criteria. The questions must be based solely on the advertised selection criteria and this stage must be finalised prior to the selection committee being given access to the applications.

4. Screening of applications

Prior to the screening HR pre-screens and determines the eligibility of all applications based on the formal requirements stated in the vacancy notice. All eligible applications are then screened by the selection committee in an objective, impartial and transparent manner based on the specific selection criteria listed in the vacancy notice.

5. Interviews

It is recommended that candidates are first invited to take part in a telephone interview, during which time the selection committee will have the opportunity to screen the candidates further, to assess their ability to communicate and to assess their motivations. These interviews are used to determine which candidates should be invited to take part in a more in-depth face to face interview.

The face to face interview, which constitutes the main oral part of the testing carried out as part of the selection, covers and assesses the candidate’s motivation, relevant experience, the specific competencies required for the post and general competencies required for European Union staff. The standard duration of a face to face interview is approximately 45 minutes.

If you travel to ECDC for an interview or a medical exam, please see the rules on contribution of expenses for candidates invited to attend a selection procedure or medical examination below.


Rules on contribution of expenses for candidates invited to attend a selection procedure or medical examination

procedure -

6. Written tests

As part of the recruitment process, candidates will take an anonymous written tests. It covers and assesses English language proficiency, knowledge of European integration and the institutions and professional expertise.

7. Recommendation of candidates

After the interview stage is concluded the selection committee draws up a recommendation for the Director who is accountable for the final appointment of new staff members. The conclusive ranking of candidates put forward by the selection committee is the result of the combined scores obtained by candidates in the interview and the written test.

8. Appointment

The Director of ECDC as the authority authorised to conclude contracts makes the final selection and appointment based on the recommendations of the selection committee. 

Prior to appointment, the candidate will be required to make a declaration in relation to the interests that might be considered prejudicial to his/her independence. The Director will examine such declarations and take measures if necessary. Similarly, after appointment, the jobholder may be required to make such a declaration and may be asked to divest himself of any interests deemed by ECDC to pose a potential conflict of interest.

9. Reserve list

Candidates who are put on the short-list of recommended candidates are also placed on the reserve list for similar posts available in the future.

10. Appeal procedure

A candidate who feels that he/she has been treated incorrectly in any way may ask to have his/her application reconsidered by sending, within 20 calendar days of the date of notification, a request for review via email to:

    ECDC Internal procedure on recruitment and selection 

    For detailed information regarding the selection process at ECDC, please see the relevant internal procedures on recruitment and selection below.


    Internal procedure on recruitment and selection of temporary agents

    procedure -


    Internal procedure on recruitment and selection of contract agents

    procedure -

    Protection of personal data

    Please note that the personal information ECDC requests from applicants will be processed in line with Regulation (EC) N° 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data.  The purpose of processing of your personal data is to support the selection procedures at ECDC. This processing may involve distribution of this data to other Community institutions. For further information or exercise of your rights (such as the right to access or the right to correct my data), contact can be taken with the Human Resources section.


    Privacy statement for the recruitment of ECDC staff

    policy -


    Privacy statement for processing of personal data of meeting attendees

    policy -

    Equal opportunities

    ECDC values diversity and accepts applications without distinction on the grounds of age, race, political, philosophical or religious conviction, sex or sexual orientation and regardless of disabilities, marital status or family situation.

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