Surveillance of invasive pneumococcal disease in Europe, 2010

surveillance report

In 2010, a new enhanced surveillance system for invasive pneumococcal disease was established in the European Union, coordinated by ECDC, and this report describes the results of the first year of data collection (2010 data). The main aim is to provide information on the epidemiological trends and morbidity caused by the circulating S. pneumoniae serotypes, antimicrobial susceptibility and certain other epidemiological features of invasive pneumococcal disease.
In 2010, 21 565 cases of invasive pneumococcal disease were reported in 26 EU/EEA countries. The highest notification rates are among children under one year (18.54 per 100 000) and adults of 65 years or above (15.59 per 100 000). Meningitis was the most common clinical presentation reported among children under one year while pneumonia/septicaemia was the most frequent presentation for all other age groups.