Rapid risk assessment: Multiple reports of locally-acquired malaria infections in the EU

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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Multiple reports of locally-acquired malaria infections in the EU – 20 September 2017. ECDC: Stockholm; 2017.

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Five events of local malaria transmission have been reported recently in the EU. Three of these events were associated with either mosquito-borne transmission from an imported case (introduced malaria) or an imported infected mosquito (airport malaria), in Greece and northern Cyprus ( P. vivax ), and in France ( P. falciparum ); and two of the cases were most likely associated with nosocomial mosquito-borne or iatrogenic transmission of P. falciparum, in Italy and Greece.

Erratum 25 September 2017: page 3 - indigenous malaria was corrected to malaria infection, page 6 – the following sentence was changed to, ‘locally-acquired cases showed evidence of the presence of Anopheles maculipennis s.l . (under investigation for species identification) and Anopheles claviger s.s. but did not detect the presence of Anopheles plumbeus.’

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