Information systems to record information about vaccination

Strong information systems to digitally record information about vaccination, Immunisation Information Systems (IIS), are an integral part of well-functioning vaccine programmes. This is recognised by the World Health Organisation’s European Vaccines Action Plan (EVAP) and further endorsed by the 2014 EU Council Conclusions on vaccination as an effective tool in public health. 

As part of its activities in support of the establishment of IIS in the EU/EEA Member States, ECDC has developed 2 surveys on IIS status and functionalities: (1) a comprehensive survey for countries with an established IIS; and (2) a shorter survey for countries in the early stages of implementation. The ECDC Survey Report on IIS presents the results providing information on the status of IIS in the EU/EEA countries and describes their functionalities. This information is particularly important for countries that have no system, are in the beginning stages of implementation or are updating their systems. 27 of the 30 EU/EEA countries responded the ECDC surveys, including 16 responses received to the comprehensive survey. 21 countries have an IIS or a pilot IIS in place, of which 14 countries have a national system or pilot in place and 7 countries have a sub-national system or pilot in place. 

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ECDC Survey on immunisation information systems in the EU/EEA

Period: 24 Apr 2017 - 30 Apr 2017

The findings of a survey conducted by ECDC across EU/EEA countries that assessed the level of implementation of IIS and their functionalities, as well as the challenges encountered during the design and implementation. The aim of the survey was to share knowledge about IIS in the EU/EEA in order to build consensus on the characteristics of an optimal system and to describe differences in core functionalities and standards across countries.